Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The worst shopping experience ever.

The Lollipop Guild Westport, CT

I thought that I would share a recent shopping experience with you. The service that I received from this store was so bad that I decided to write a letter to the owner. So grab a cup of coffee and relive my experience and let me know what you think. It really puts a stinker on the holiday season, doesn't it?

Hello xxxx,

This will not be a pleasant letter. I used to be a customer of your store. I am saying "used to be" because as of today, I will not be back at your store. This is why:

On Christmas eve, I was at your store and purchased a number of items - totaling $365. One of those items is a gift intended for my friend's daughter. The person who helped me was somewhat pleasant and wrote on my receipt that I am able to exchange the items or return them for store credit until January 3, 2010. I came back to your store today hoping to add another item to the gift that I purchased. Instead, I found a different outfit I liked though it was more money than the dress that I bought a few days ago. It was only marked down 25%.

When I went to check out, the woman at the register said that I am not allowed to return the dress. I showed her my receipt that says that I could. She was very unpleasant and rudely scratched out the print on my receipt that says the items were exchangeable until 1/3/10. She did the exchange and I paid almost $40 extra for the outfit. Please keep in mind that at this point, my total purchases now total a little over $400. I asked her to please wrap it as it is intended to be a present. She said that the store will not gift wrap items that are on sale but she will do it just this one time. I was pretty satisfied until I noticed that she only handed me a wrapped box instead of doing your signature gift wrap with the lollipop and the sticker. I asked her to please add the lollilop and I would even gladly pay for it. After a little huffing and grunting, she obliged but said that she cannot add on the Lollipop Guild sticker for fear that my friend might try to return or exchange the merchandise. Seriously? This is a $100 outfit. She would refuse to do the advertising for your store in fear of an exchange? I asked her very nicely to PLEASE add the sticker so my friend would know where it came from as she is ALSO A CUSTOMER OF YOUR STORE. She finally did and when I mentioned that her treatment of me as a customer makes it very hard for me to come back in the future. I mean, I asked her to gift wrap ONE outfit. She couldn't make an exception? She mentioned that all of this IS YOUR POLICY.

I understand the need to cut costs. But is it really worth it to save a few dollars on gift wrapping and boxes and lose a customer instead? My experience shopping at your store was uncomfortable, awkward, disappointing and overall lousy. I left with a sick feeling in my stomach because I was treated so rudely. I live in New Canaan and I shop at Krik-It regularly and I myself shop at Togs and Mitchells and I can assure you that I am a good customer. What keeps me coming back is the customer service that I receive in that store and all the stores I mentioned give EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

So if a customer like myself who just spent $400 in your shop not good enough to warrant good service? I will not be back to your shop and will be sharing my experience to my friends - especially the gift recipient of the outfit I purchased. I mean, I have to make sure that she does not come in to exchange the outfit for any reason and risk embarrassment, right?

Sherryl Mascarinas
Creator / Designer
Skylar's Candy Clips
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  1. wow. some people. you did the right thing!

  2. It stinks when customer service isn't service at all :( whether you spent $4 or $400 you [were] a customer.

  3. WOW, that stinks. Shame on that employee. I definitely would not be going back there either.