Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Amish Friendship Bread

More than 10 years ago, a co-worker of mine gave me a loaf of delicious bread. It was the sweetest, moistest, and yummiest bread I've ever tasted. So naturally, I asked her for the recipe. It's Amish friendship bread, she says. It takes 10 ten days to make it. TEN DAYS? SERIOUSLY? Yep, I was a very busy full time worker back then. No time to tend to 10 days of bread making craziness. So I never made it. Then a few months ago, one of the blogs that I follow did a post on friendship bread. This got me thinking that it's about time I try making my own. So I did.

I found the recipe here. Follow it carefully. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. DO NOT USE ANYTHING METAL. That is the most important tip I can give you when making this bread.
2. I mixed it and then poured in a ziplock bag.
3. When mixing the milk, sugar and flour - follow these simple instructions: In a glass or ceramic bowl, mix sugar and flour first. Mix them well otherwise the flour will lump when you add the milk. warm up the milk a little before you add it to the sugar/flour mixture. The texture should be smooth. Add to the ziplock bag.

And when you're done, you can print out a cute little recipe card for your friends here. This is a picture of my three little cups of batter ready to give away to some friends. So pretty. I can just imagine them whipping up some more friendship bread in their own kitchen so they can share it with their friends. But my bad dog Wendy got to them first. Aaahhh!!! Yep - licked all three bowls and slurped one until it was almost clean. Bummer, huh?

At least I still have the loaf that I baked. Hands off puppy. This one is mine.


  1. Looks yummy. I will send this my mom's way, so she can make me some :) I love to cook but ya know, Mr.C and 10 days doesn't sound like it's possible.

  2. I did this the Christmas that I was pregnant; almost 2 years ago. I googled different recipes for it, and found that you could make pancake mix from the starter, as well as cinnamon bread, and more! I think I ate all 4 loaves by myself and made the pancakes for Christmas morning!

  3. That's insane! And I complained about bread that took 6 hours to make!

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  5. Is that milk in the second last picture?
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  6. Thanks for all the info! :)
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