Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 wonderful years.

Happy Birthday Skylar Elizabeth.
I can't believe that you turned 5 today.
Time went by fast.
I still remember waiting for you. So excited that you were coming.

This is us (with your Lola).
You and me, kid.
Our first picture together. Still snug in my belly.

It was love at first sight.
Here you are at 4 hours old.
October 17, 2004
(Yes - I know that you are totally digging my Hello Kitty pj's!)

Three months old and didn't want to smile for the camera.

Almost a year old.
You fell asleep in your highchair.
You weren't the fastest eater.
It takes you almost an hour to finish a meal.
Thank goodness you outgrew that!

Your first birthday party.
Yes - that is a black eye on your right eye.
Which you conveniently gave yourself bumping on the crib rail.
Right before the party started.
The perfect party accessory.

14 months old and already a big sister.
Baby brother Deacon was born December 23, 2005
He wasn't what you were expecting as a Christmas present.
But now you can't even remember your life without him.

Memorial Day 2007.
Two years old and about to become a big sister for the second time in your little life.

November 2007. Just turned 3 years old and proudly holding your new baby sister, Peyton.

My little fashionista.
This was taken right before preschool.
And you dressed yourself that day.
Picked out every single piece of clothing.

Four years old and already a kindergartener!

I am so proud of you, my girl.
My little buddy.
Little big sister.
My little helper.
My inspiration.
You are everything that I dreamed you would be.
And you continue to amaze me every day.

I love you so much.
Happy, happy birthday!

Love, Mommy


  1. Happy Birthday to your Princess!! They do grow up way too fast.

  2. What a neat rewind of the last 5 years! She is absolutely adorable! Today is my bday too except I have 30 more candles than she does! ha ha

    Have a happy bday!!

  3. You made me cry! She is so beautiful :) What a blessing.

  4. Happy Birthday darling,what a beautiful girl you have become.
    Congrats on the new sewing machine Sherryl,there's no turning back now! It will become very addictive and if ever you need advice just drop me a line.