Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cici's Story.

The Fischer Family

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this blog. And I was so moved. Cici could've been anyone's little girl. She could've been my baby girl Peyton. They are the same age. Who would've thought that one little piece of diced fruit would change a family's life forever. It did for the Fischers. Cici's choking accident last October 2008 caused parts of her brain to die from lack of oxygen and she is now severely disabled.

Cici Fischer

Cici with older brother Max and twin sister Penny

Cici's mom Jenny is so awesome. She was actively involved in this project called Bids for Cici where over $2000 was raised for Cici's special needs trust. There is another one coming in the spring and you bet that I will be participating in that as well. Cici's treatments are expensive. The Fischers have tons of equipment to buy, intensive therapies to go through and lots and lots of co-pays. That is why the fundraiser was put together - all for Cici.

Mommy loves me: Jenny and Cici

I made two special, limited edition items in my shop for Cici:

50% of the proceeds will be donated IMMEDIATELY to Cici's special needs trust. Please help me spread the word. Buy Cici's pretty things. Help change her life.


  1. What a heartbreaking story!

    Such a special thing you are doing to help them.

  2. Beautiful post! I can't wait to be apart of the Spring Auction...I am going to do some recruiting. Thank you again for sharing her story!

  3. Awwwww - thanks for the kind words. We're very lucky to have the help we have. We can't wait for the Spring auction either, and we hope by then, we've seen some great (albeit slow) progress in Cici!

    Jenny (Cici's mom)

  4. What a heartbreaking story. I woud love to help with the spring auction.

  5. aww! Cici is so cute :)
    Thank you very much for sharing their story!

  6. Omg I'm crying,how can I help? I would like to do a doll for cici.I am going to spread the word.Thankyou for sharing sherryl.