Friday, May 1, 2009

The Cutest Candy Clip on the Block - CONTEST (extended)!

To everyone who has sent in a picture of their adorable kiddies wearing their Candy Clips - thank you. I am still waiting on a few more entries to be added so I am postponing posting the pictures of the kids until May 12th. This will hopefully be enough time for everyone else who hasn't given me their pics to get added to the list.

Thank you, thank you for being patient. Remember that each entry will receive a FREE hair clip as well so everyone who's joined is a winner already. 

So on May 12th, all the pictures will be up for voting - there will be no more delay so hurry on to join if you want LULU THE OWL!

Please email all pics to: and put "contest" on the subject. For more info on this contest, click on this link.

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