Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Month of May Part 2

We love New Canaan's May Fair at St. Marks. We go every year. There are lots of little rides for the kids. Little itty bitty rides.

Like this mini roller coaster:

My trusty assistant pushing his baby sister:

Mini motorcycles:

Mini trucks:

Peyton was still too little to go on any of the rides but she sure enjoyed hitching a ride on mommy's hip!

Skylar rode on this sweet miniature horse named Caramel - twice!

The Sweetest Skylar's Candy Clips Tea Party

But the sweetest part of May was the first ever Skylar's Candy Clips Tea Party hosted by a friend of mine at her house. She invited all the moms in her moms group and it was quite a success. 15% of the proceeds were donated to the March of Dimes foundation in honor of my cousin who had her first baby at 27 weeks (but doing quite well, thank you). We ended the Tea Party with a raffle from the Skylar's Candy Clips collection and 100% of the money went to March of Dimes as well.

To everyone who was involved in this event, thank you for making it successful. I am hoping to do another Tea Party this fall so stay tuned!

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