Friday, January 8, 2010

Blue is NOT my color - a 90's flashback.

I came across this video and was immediately transported back to the 90's.
Back to the days of poofy hair.
Large earrings,
Oversized shirts and leggings.
Babydoll dresses.
And to this group - Expose.
One of my favorites.
And this song, which reminds me of a boy.
Who broke my 15 year old heart.
Who promised the world, sun, and moon.
Then went to college and - well, you know the rest.
But it is because of this heartache that opened
my heart and eyes to ANOTHER boy.

Who's been there from the beginning.
Only I was too blind and naive to see that he was the one.
My soul mate. My love.
And now, after almost 17 years together, we are still
in love, going strong, living our wonderful life with
our three wonderful children.
He's proven to me that I will ALWAYS be his baby.
And he's here to stay.

Everything in life happens for a reason.
It's true. I believe it. I've lived it.

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  1. I believe it too - congratulations on your 17th anniversary! you made a lovely happy bride!