Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saying goodbye to the holiday season.

(left to right: Peyton's hand print, Skylar's poinsettia, Peyton's wreath)

The holidays and festivities are finally over and it's time to pack up the holiday decor. The kids are a little sad. They did a lot of wonderful handmade crafts at school that are proudly displayed around the house. I thought I'd snap a few pics before they are put carefully away in boxes for next year.

Our christmas card wall in the kitchen

Deacon's star picture ornament

This was Deacon's present from his teachers last year - an origami picture ornament

Deacon's wreath 2009

Skylar's wreath 2008

Skylar's toy soldier

Deacon's star made out of dough

Peyton's version of the dough-star

Peyton's egg carton bells

Deacon's graham cracker house - we had to put it up high so our dog Wendy doesn't eat it!

Skylar's sock snowman from 2008

Deacon's popsicle stick frame from last year 2008

A penguin family ornament from my friend Tina - my favorite

Looking forward to the next holiday season 2010!
Care to share a favorite holiday memory?

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  1. I agree... always so sad to pack up all the decorations. And sadder when we have to take our tree this weekend to the chipper...sigh.
    Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and happy new year! :)