Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yesterday's snowstorm brought around 6-8 inches of snow . This morning, we woke up to this.

The sun was shining and the snow covered trees glittered underneath it's rays. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Here's another beauty who couldn't help but ham it up for the camera.

Skylar in her jammies.

My three girls - Skylar, Peyton, and Wendy the puppy.

But do you know what I am wishing for? Spring. Beautiful spring to arrive. And from wishing comes inspiration - these little flower clips. They are available in the shop now.

Fresh Picked Flowers - Itty Bitty Clips

Here's to wishing for warmer days ahead!

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  1. Very beautiful, and Skylar's pretty cute (and Peyton from what I can see:-), too! Did your girls get to go out and make snow angels? Can't believe you have a Weimaraner, too - you must have lots of energy, lol!