Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pinkalicious Cupcakes

"It was a rainy day, too wet to go outside.
Mommy said, "Let's make cupcakes! What color do you want?"
"Pink," I said. "Pink, pink, pink!"

- Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann

It was indeed a rainy day and Skylar had her friend over for a playdate. We decided to make Pinkalicious cupcakes as a nod to Skylar's all time favorite book, Pinkalicious. We did it the easy way using Pillsbury Moist Supreme Funfetti cake mix and red food coloring. Just follow the directions on the box and add a few drops of the red food coloring and voila! Pink cupcakes!

We simple HAD to use pink cupcake liners, of course! For some fun cupcake liners, go here.

Pink cupcakes wouldn't be complete without pink frosting so I whipped up a simple cream cheese frosting from this recipe. Just add a few extra drops of red food coloring to make it pink. I mean - PINK CREAM CHEESE FROSTING! What could be better?

Skylar and Katka decorating their cupcakes

Skylar says, "I just looove pink cupcakes, mommy!". Yep - she loves just about anything pink.

Have a playdate - make cupcakes!

You can't have pinkalicious cupcakes without the pink (HEART!) sprinkles!

Notice the pink platters!

Even the little ones got into the action.

This is a rare picture of Deacon decorating cupcakes. He is usually not into baking. I can't believe that he is actually frosting up some (gasp!) pink cupcakes!

Ta-da! They're done and they were delish! These guys got gobbled up not long after this picture was taken. Pinky and yummy = good for the tummy.


  1. Lila LOVES pinkalicious, and insisted on being "pinkalicious" for Halloween last year. NO ONE got it. But she loved being pink!

  2. Oh those are adorable! And it looks like they had fun making them... probably even funner eating them! ;)