Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Newbies.

New in shop this week for spring. More to come. The giveaway is ALMOST ready. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait!


  1. I love love love those roly poly pinwheel posies - how cute! Also, I wanted to ask if you wanted to donate an item or two to Cici's online auction (march 14-21) - if so, we can make it easier this time, by you picking a couple, mailing to me, and then I can mail to winners and coordinate. Also, you can get a tax deduction for what you donate this time! I love the ones that Penny and Cici got for Christmas from Grandma! Anyway, you can email me if you are interested, the item pic and description and value and we'll get it up there! colofisch at yahoo dot com

    Hope all is going well and you're settling in (didn't you move?)

  2. Love that big daisy on the headband!