Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Me and my little bother.

A funny exchange between 5 year old Skylar and 4 year old Deacon one afternoon (February 2010)

Skylar (watching "Olivia" on Nick Jr) Olivia has just introduced her little brother Ian to everyone as her little "bother". Mommy! I have a little bother too - and his name is Deacon (laughs hysterically).

Deacon (frowning and getting up from the couch): Skylar! I am not your little bother! I am your little brother!

Skylar: I know, Deacon. I just like calling you my little bo-ther (laughs some more).

Deacon: (Crosses his arms) Hmph! I'm not going to be your little brother anymore then.

Skylar: Fine. Then I won't share my cookie with you. Mine's the only one left.

Deacon (changes tone): Oka-ay... I'll be your little bother then.

Skylar: Thanks, Deacon.

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