Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The worst storm ever.

One of the major roads in our small town

As most of you have heard, Connecticut was hit with a Nor'Easter last Saturday, March 13, 2010 knocking down huge trees over power lines and shutting off power in more than half of our town's population. Last Saturday, 5500 out of 8000 homes lost power (65%). 150 roads were closed and deemed impassable from fallen trees and dangerous power lines. Connecticut Light & Power warned everybody that power will not be restored for a few days. Thus, began the mad scramble for nearby hotels. My family and I bunked in a hotel in a nearby town for three nights. We were lucky that our house wasn't damaged from the storm. The worst thing we had was a stinky fridge.

But take a look at these photos taken from our town's newspaper, The New Canaan Advertiser. There were so many HUGE trees that toppled over and caused so much damage. Rooftops were cracked, cars smashed etc. Debris from fallen trees are still everywhere. The town is working hard to clean up the damage caused by the storm. The schools remain closed until all the roads are clear.

This tree barely missed a passing car

Trees uprooted and fallen over a fence

This gigantic tree knocked down a major power line

This tree fell on a family car

I feel so lucky to have my family safe and sound and back in our home. There are still families without power out there. I am hoping that they too, will be able to go back home soon.


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