Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gooey Good. {a random post}

G is for gooey. G is for good. I am so loving PW's homemade cinnamon buns.
Thank you Bakerella for your instructions on baking a half batch.
The only thing that I tweaked was the glaze. Substitute half a demitasse cup of espresso for the coffee and two tablespoons of honey instead of the maple syrup. Yum! I made two trays - one to give away and one to keep. I made some friends very happy!

My thumbprint necklace finally came in. Lindsay did a wonderful job.
She inscribed my children's names on one side along with their birthdate and birthstone. Fancy!!!

And now their tiny little thumbprints are forever frozen in the little charms {sigh}.
What a beautiful keepsake. Truly.
I have another charm coming with my wedding date and my initials and my husband's.
{Double sigh}

My little lovebirds Peyton and Andrew (Deacon's best friend) holding hands in the car.
I think it's real, people!

Thank you, foundhandmade for featuring my Tiny Twin Flowers on your blog.
I appreciate it and am so flattered to be with some awesome crafters!

Check out my new Pretty Pinwheel Headbands.
They are available at the shop now.
More new items to come soon.

Delaney Butterfly has a new color combo!
It was the first clip to be given away to one of my Facebook fans.
If you want a chance to win a monthly giveaway on facebook, click here to become a fan.

This was one heck of a super random post.
But it's been a great week.
Busy. Good. Great.
Hoping that it will continue over the weekend!

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