Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10 Important Things I Learned as a New Mommy

Deacon, Peyton, and Skylar May 2008

(This post is dedicated to my dear friend Shirley who is about to embark on a new journey called motherhood).

10 Important Things I Learned as a New Mommy

1. No need to set the alarm clock - these little buggers newbies will NOT forget to remind you that they are hungry. As in screaming, squealing, crying at the top of their lungs reminding you that they want that milk. Right now.

2. Do you remember when you were still pregnant and drooling over that cute little outfit for your baby in the store window? Imagine that same outfit on your baby accessorized in spit ups and (gasp!) - not gonna say it - just let your imagination run wild.

3. Sleep deprivation is painful. You should warn your husband that if you get sleep deprived too much, you might just confuse the breast milk in the refrigerator for coffee creamer.
Guys - You. Have. Been Warned.

4. Wipe warmers are a joke. No need to elaborate.

5. Love that 5 second rule. And with each additional kid, I've found myself adding 5 more seconds on top of it.

6. Keep your valuables stored safely away. Or you just might find your 3 year old son trying to give your engagement ring to the family dog.

7. Ditto for designer clothes and such. There are some things that the drycleaner just can't take out. Again, just let your imagination run wild.

8. You wait for that heavenly time of the day when the kids finally go to sleep but after 5 minutes of peace and quiet, you get the urge to wake them up again.

9. Hugs and kisses are important. Even coming from sticky hands and lips smeared with chocolate.

10. Enjoy and cherish the craziness of your life right now. I'm sitting here, typing this post with ketchup smeared on my shirt and hair from my kids' lunch. And I'm watching my 2 year old empty the contents of her sippy cup on the carpet. And the dog vacuuming up the leftovers on the kitchen floor (hey, when it's on the ground, it goes to the hound!). It's crazy. But beautiful. I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

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  1. Thank you. I needed that, and Shirley, one day, somehow, your baby WILL sleep through the night. Right?