Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thumbs - Up for being Two!

Happy birthday, Peyton Isabelle!
I can't believe that you are two years old today!
Has it really be two years already?

Here is a picture of you and me and your big brother Deacon the summer before you were born.
Dr. H said that you are going to be a BIG baby.
They were right.

One botched up epidural and 8 agonizing hours later, out you came.
38 weeks and a healthy 8 pounds and 20 inches long.

Your cheeks were even bigger than your sister's.

Three months old and already 15 pounds - you gave us your first real smile.

Almost 4 months old. What did I tell you about the cheeks?

4 months old and already a daddy's girl.
You also tipped the scale at 20 pounds!

6 months old and sitting up!

You loved two things - sleeping and your exersaucer. I think the picture says it all.

Memorial Day 2008

Martha's Vineyard June 2008

The days, weeks, and months flew by so quickly.
One day, you were a baby, and today, a big girl.
It is so bittersweet to think that my baby is not a baby anymore.
Look at how fast you are growing!

First day of preschool September 2009.

Abby's birthday October 2009. Look at my little dare devil going down that slide!

Throwing tantrums are your specialty!
I still love this picture of you and me.

Peyton, you have brought so much joy into our lives.
You are my little missy, my little moo-moo.
I love watching your grow.
I love hearing you laugh.
Everyday, your babyhood disappears right before our very eyes.
But you will always be my baby.
That will never change.
We love you.

Happy birthday, missy mo0 moo!