Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guess who's baaaack??!!??

Welcome back, Fred. We missed you. We're glad that you made it back safe and sound. We promise to be on our very BEST behavior because we know that you are watching.

No food fights.
Or hair pulling.
Or body slamming.
Or screaming.
Or pushing.
Or pulling on Wendy's tail.
Or giving Wendy food under the table.
Or blaming Wendy for the mess in the kitchen.
Or sneak snacks in our rooms during nap times.
And we promise to listen to mommy and daddy.
And flush the potty after we use it.
Really. We promise.
Pinky swear.

What time did you say you leave our house at night?

Skylar, Deacon, and Peyton

The Elf on the Shelf - it will help keep order (and sanity) in your house.
Seriously, it's the best thing since pumpkin bread after Thanksgiving.


  1. Fun! We will be incorporating Fred in a few years for sure!
    I see all those books. I miss reading. I am attempting a new James my free time...right.

  2. Fred is the best! Do it while they're young and gullible :)