Monday, March 9, 2009

The Art of Messy (a behind the scenes look).

I am happy. Happy, that my etsy shop is doing well. Happy that wholesale orders are trickling in. Happy that customers are responding well to my new items. What I'm NOT happy with is the mess that I am creating out of my little workspace.

Seriously, all my orders have caught up with me. My once neat and organized workspace is a true picture of CHAOS. There are orders done but not packaged, orders halfway done, - you name it - it's there on my little table. I've asked my husband to help finance a little sweatshop. He said that I already have one. I'm in it. I'M MY OWN SWEATSHOP. He's right. I hate it when that happens.

But before I reorganize this mess, I thought it'd be fun to have everyone take a peek at how Skylar's Candy Clips are created. Before it's put in the beautiful packaging that my etsy friend Amy did for me. So here is a glimpse of my little crafty world:

My crafting table - it's a disaster right now. Check out some of Skylar's artwork that she taped on the wall herself. The blue paper on the right is our family as "snowmen people" our dog included.

Headbands, headbands, everywhere! I love having them displayed on the table - though I wish they were a bit neater right now.

Prettify-ing some flowers to be made into hairclips. They are almost done! These are custom for a wholesale order. If you want to see them in my shop, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

My Happy Flower Headbands. Don't they look so - happy?

Wholesale order ready to be packaged.

Some of my orders from Etsy - ready to ship. Don't you just love my product card holders? That is the beautiful handiwork of Amy at Playing With Paper. Check out her Etsy Shop here.

Ready for the post office! On their way to their new homes!

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  1. I love the little initial "m" hairclip you made for my dd. She wears it to school nearly everyday. This is a real treat to have a "behind the scenes" look at the Skylar Candy Clip factory. It's nice to see your creativity in the making. It's the prettiest mess I've ever seen!