Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our New Old House - We're Moving!

After almost four years of condo and in-town living in New Canaan, we are moving to a bigger but far from town colonial (still in New Canaan though!). It is a bittersweet move for me. I love our downtown New Canaan condo. I love the location of it - two blocks away from our quaint little downtown area, and the fact that it is overlooking Mead Park - our beloved playground. When my two oldest kids were younger, and I was pregnant with our third, I used to buckle them in their BOB double jogger, and we would take long walks around town, meet some friends at the gelato place, then head over to Mead Park. In the springtime, I loved my short little 2.5 mile running route up beautiful South Ave. and back on Old Stamford Rd. I hate the thought that I would have to drive everywhere to get anywhere.

But then again, I have many, many things to look forward to. The 1980's colonial that we are moving to is beautiful - with good bones, and lots of character. We've done quite a bit of renovation to it and with the inside done in just another week or so it's ready for us. The outside landscaping, painting, and pond clean up will happen in the spring. My 3 year old son's best buddy lives just three houses down from us. A little girl my daughter's age is moving in next door - they will go to the same kindergarten in the fall. I would have to close down my shop while we get settled in - just for a week or so.

In the meantime, check out the "before" pictures of our new house - before the renovations. You can also view a slideshow of the house here.

The outside of the house - this will have a new coat (and color) paint soon!

The formal living room (staged for when it was on the market). It looks really different now!

The kitchen and breakfast area (when staged). This kitchen has been transformed! Think LOTS of recess lighting, new wall color and of course, new appliances!

I can't wait to post pictures of the new house. I'll take the pics once every room is settled. Stay tuned!

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