Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Highlights of Summer (2009) Part 1

Skylar's heirloom tomatoes

Summer 2009 went by awfully fast this year. Maybe it was all the rain in June and July. Maybe summer camp sped things up a little more. In any case, summer is almost over. The new school year starts in just a few weeks. Another year of growing. Of my babies slowly not being babies anymore - Chris - we may need another one!!!

Kiwanis Park

One of Skylar's loves - baking

A 5 minute cake - recipe found here

On the way to baby Tal's 2nd birthday party

Skylar's BFF Abby is the 2nd one from the left

Loves making silly faces

My sweet girl Peyton

At friend Annie's birthday party

Riding Dale the miniature horse

I think someone's ready for riding lessons

May not be much but then again, summer isn't over... yet.

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