Saturday, August 29, 2009

I HEART MY DOG + contest

This is Wendy. Our 7 year old weimaraner and a precious member of our family. "Puppy" or "Pup-Pup" as she is affectionately known to our kids. She LOVES our kids unconditionally - taking body slams, and ear and tail pulling like a champ. She has never once barked, growled, or bared her teeth to any of her "babies" no matter what they did. She is their playmate, protector, and their "pal" as Skylar often refers to her.

So to celebrate the bond between humans and canines and the unconditional and unlimited love that we feel for them, I would like to hold a contest - an I HEART MY DOG contest.

This contest is only open to my blog readers so please follow my blog if you would like to enter. Two winners will be chosen. One for a comment entry and another for a photography entry. All photos submitted will be posted on my blog at the end of the contest.

The winner of the comment entry will win a bag of Wendy's favorite organic dog treats from Grandma Lucy's Diner :

Organic Blueberry

And the winner of the photography contest will win a CUSTOM NEEDLE FELTED SCULPTURE of their dog from talented Etsy seller BenMcFuzzyLugs. Like this one:

To learn more about Pam's needle felting world, visit her shop, BenMcFuzzyLugs and her blog here.

Here is how you can enter:

1. Please email me a photograph of your dog (with or without human family) at


2. Leave a comment on this post briefly describing why your dog is so special

*Remember to follow my blog if you are not already doing so (this is open to my blog followers only). If you are only commenting, please include your email if you don't have it on your blog profile.

The winners will be chosen on October 1, 2009 and the winners announced that day. Thanks everybody!


    I did a blog post about your contest...

  2. I will be emailing you a picture of my dog, Buddy. Because of terrible asthma and allergies growing up, I lived in a room with linoleum floors, had daily breathing treatments, and certainly could not have pets. I once had to go to the ER to get an adrenaline shot for petting a rabbit in my kindergarten class. As I got older, my health improved and pets became a possibility. My husband Mark and I had birds, but not anything furry. One afternoon, he was driving to the DMV and a little dog ran out in front of his car. He stopped, and the dog ran to a parking lot and curled up in a little trembling ball in a bush. Mark coaxed him out, and got him in the car. Over the next few weeks we fell in love and realized that he had been abused. He flinched when we pet him, and was very anxious. We never found the owner, and so we got him chipped and checked at the vet. His name is Buddy, and he has changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

  3. I will email you a picture of my boy Ben, he is a staffy x whippet who we rescued as a pup. He is now 5. He is so special as 4 nonths ago he became paralysed overnight by a condition called Hansens Disc Disease. It literally happened spontaneously. He was rushed to the vet hospital wher he was given a 50/50 chance of survival and a remote chance of gaining near normal mobility. He had a long operation removing discs from his back to release his spinal cord and we were told he'd be in hospital forr 2 - 3 weeks and by 2 weeks they'd no better how bad it was. 2 days later my wee boy, my best friend, sat up and tried so hard to stand, his trerier spirit shone through and gradually he battled until he could stand and shuffle. 4 months on he can run along the beach and be almost as good as he was before this awful disease. He has now started a website so others can learn about spinal injury causes and treatments.
    He ios my best frienmd and a true battler.

  4. I am following your blog and have e-mailed you my photo entry. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway contest!

    Kelly @ The Lost Earring

  5. I emailed you a picture of our dog, Bocephus, now i'll tell you alittle bit about him...

    My Dad called us and said that a guy on his rig was had a Boston that he couldn't take care of because of him and his wifes odd schedules, and he was just kept in the bathroom all the time, and it wasn't fair. So either we could take the the pup (he was only around 8-10 weeks old at the time), or the guy was going to "take him the pasture".
    My husband and I couldn't let that happen, so we got him over our Christmas holiday in visiting (we were stationed in MS, home was TX), and we've had him ever since.
    Bocephus was my companion through my husbands deployment, he potty trained himself, cuddled with me through hurricane Katrina (we lived less than an hour from the gulf in MS), made countless road trips, "accepted" my husband back home, gone through 3 different state moves - and all before he turns 5 this October!
    He's our bed companion, my little man, the one who sneezes on my foot and sheds on the couch. He's our first "baby".

  6. Oh I love reading all these wonderful stories. I do follow your blog and I will be sending you a pic of our dog, Shanuk. He is a very hairy Siberian Husky. We had 2 doggies, but sadly last month we had to put our old girl down, who was also a Husky.
    Shanuk was born 5 years ago on Sept. 11th. Our friends so lovingly let me pick out a pup from their litter. At 2 days old I picked Shanuk, at 5 weeks he came to live with us. Cheyenne (old girl) became just like a mom to him and he would not even step a paw outside without her. It was adorable to watch. As Cheyennes aged, Shanuk never left her side. Now that she is gone, I have replaced Cheyenne and now Shanuk will not go outside without me. He totally knows the schedule and at 11pm, we go outside for the last time. He comes in and goes right into his kennel for the night. Makes me smile everytime. He may not be a watch dog and he may leave hair all over, but I can not see our lives without him.

  7. What a great contest! I love my dogs. I am sending a photo of my corgi (14 yrs old) and my dog Jo Jo who was diagnosed on a friday with cancer and died in her sleep on the following tues! I was devastated, as I am always when a fuzzy kid of mine dies. Jo Jo was 11. A American and canadian champion, agility and all around love. ;-)
    She loved to "click" her teeth on her dog tags when I would take the collar off. She also, was always ON TIME. Morning, walks and meals had to be on time. She will be greatly missed and this was a great way to pay tribute to her.!!
    Amber is the clown of the family, and a Alpha wanna be. She loves to steal balls, and although she can not see well, is healthy and queen of the house. ;-)

  8. Max is my beautiful brindle boy! He's a 7 1/2 year old ex-racing greyhound who my partner & I adopted from the Retired Greyhound Trust 2 years ago.

    Back then, I was in a pretty dark place: struggling with a job that I hated, my health was suffering & I was forced to take some time out. Max strode into my life & brought a ray a sunshine with him. He gave me a reason to get up in the morning when I could see no other, he motivated me to get daily fresh air & exercise, & he introduced me to other dog (& particularly greyhound) owners who I would otherwise never have met.

    Through Max, I became a regular volunteer at my local greyhound rehoming charity, Gracehounds, walking & eventually fostering dogs for them. Along with Molly (our second greyhound, who came along just 6 months later - it's true what they say, you can never have just one!), he is the inspiration behind the art work which I now sell online & at craft fairs, & the key to the new career I have successfully embarked on: dog walking!

    I could never buy him enough gravy bones to thank him for the way he has changed my life for the better (although I'm sure he could eat them!). Thank you Max - you're one in a million!

    (NB I've also emailed you a picture of Max & follow your blog as thedoghouse.etsy.)

  9. Thanks for offering this wonderful contest! I have e-mailed you a picture of my whippet, Paisley, and am now a follower of your blog.

    Paisley is my special girl that loves to cuddle. She loves to run and has had a very hard year because she shattered her humorus while jumping from our deck last fall. It was a horrible experience for both of us, but she has mended well and can free run once again! It does my heart good to see her enjoying herself again. Her second favorite thing to do in life is snuggle in bed. She is such a sweetie!

    I have left you an award on my blog - come on over.

  10. I emailed you a picture of Wilf he's a fairly typically insane little wire haired Jack Russel. I think he thinks he's a great dane the way he struts about!

  11. What a fun blog contest! My basset "baby" Libby is one year old tomorrow so I'd like to enter on her behalf. She's the funniest dog we've ever known - she loves to stick her nose under the dresser to bark so she can hear it echo!

  12. Hi, I love all dogs and cats, but most of all I love my Baby. Her name is Miss Furball, but she was so little and cute, everyone referred to her as Baby, or Little One. She is a pomeranian, 11 years old, but behaves like a puppy. My son got her when he lived in LA.
    He later died of a heroin overdose but he left me this special devoted helpless little animal. She is a feisty little one. If she sees a big dog, that seems a little threathening, she'll attack his legs. She was bitten by a rottweiler a couple of years ago and that's when this behavior started!
    Sending a photo to your email. I am also a follower. Barb Elisabet

  13. realitybbq*AT*gmail*DOT*com

    I'm a follower on Blogger (for some reason your Google Friend Connect won't show up for me :( ) as spamgirl. :)

    Emailed you a pic.

    My dog Cholo (and you can see Ocho in the background) is the light of my life. Both of them have pulled me out of the deepest funks, and they take care of me like little mothers. Cholo is so smart I once asked him to get my PDA and he actually tried to! It was too heavy for his mouth though heh. I love them both so much and it would be awesome to get a felt plushy of Cholo!

    Thank you!

  14. What a great contest! I will be emailing a picture of my dog Remington. He is an 11 month old chocolate schnauzer. He has the most personality I have ever seen in a dog. One minute he can be playing and jumping/bouncing off the walls (he has litterally bounced off of the walls before) and then the next minute being a cuddly.

    As you will see in the picture I will be sending he always has one ear sticking straight up and one relaxed and down. We all his one ear his radar. He always knows what is going on around him. He will grow into a great guard dog.

    So..what makes him special? The fact he can make you smile, no matter what, is what makes him special to me. He always does something new that catches me off guard and makes me laugh :)

  15. I emailed you a picture of my Doxie/Rott mix, Drea.

    My family loves Drea so much because she has truely been the most caring and motherly dog you could ever ask for! She loves every foster kitten we bring into our home, she grooms them, sleeps with them, plays with them. She's got a puppy heart of gold! She's also doing a wonderful job training our new puppy. He looks up to his big sister!