Saturday, August 22, 2009

A sweet arrival...

About a month ago, I commissioned a fellow blogger and etsy seller Heather to make a blanket for my sweet niece Haley. It came yesterday and look how beautiful it turned out. It came beautifully wrapped in ribbon.

And with her unique signature:

Heather is an inspiration. She was one of the organizers who made the Cora Paige Project a reality, an awesome mom (just check out the fun stuff that she posts on her blog!) and a great crafter (check out her shop). I admire her so much and am really thankful that she took time off her busy and hectic schedule to help make this sweet blanket for Haley.

Thank you Heather.


  1. wow, sherryl, this is such a nice post! it was an honor to do this for you and your new niece :) i really admire you, as well. i love my blog friends!!

  2. That is beautiful, I am definitely hearting her shop!

  3. Heather's work is so amazing-- and flawless! She is such a perfectionist. I have the wooden sign from her Etsy shop (Family) and I LOVE it.