Friday, September 18, 2009

And off she goes!

Peyton Isabelle, 22 months old started preschool yesterday.

My little baby. My youngest.

Where I stood outside the very same room just two years ago - with her inside my belly.
Her older brother was in the room then.

She walked in, hung up her coat and backpack and never turned back.
I was by the door waiting for the tears on her face that never came.

{ sniff, sniff. }


  1. Congratulations Sherryl,Take pride in knowing that you have raised a little girl who is confident and out going.Its amazing just how fast they grow up,she is so cute and I love the little kitty top she is wearing.

  2. Thanks Casey! She is by far my most independent child. I'm so used to the little arms clinging on to my legs, you know? It just makes me a little sad that she doesn't miss me as much as her two siblings. Sigh.

  3. YAY, so miss independant.

    I would have been a puddle of mush.

  4. OMGSH, how sweet. She is a strong willed little one.