Sunday, September 27, 2009


Congratulations to
#82 Tylerpants
for winning the
Bellflower Textiles Giveaway!

Congratulations and enjoy your new coffee cozy!

And a surprise winner!!!

Joeandbridge said...
"Do I like coffee? Only with my Oxygen. I make normal coffee at home and add chocolate/caramel creamer. Last week we were out of coffee and I HAD to stop at Dunn Bros. The person in the car in front of me bought my coffee as a random act of kindness. I was blown away. Can't beat a story like that".

I put everyone's name who suggested their favorite tea or coffee in a hat and pulled one. Joeandbridge is that lucky winner. You will receive a $5 coffee card from Dunkin Donuts from me.

And if you didn't win, there is another giveaway coming on Monday.
This lady is so talented, you don't want to miss this giveaway tomorrow!

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