Friday, September 4, 2009

This made me cry...

When my youngest brother Kevin was four, I left home for college. We are sixteen years apart. We might as well be a world apart. He lives in California with my parents and I live in Connecticut. He is 18 years old now and off to college in two weeks. An adult. He just sent me this picture of him at 4 years old:

Before I knew it, tears were gushing down my face. What have I missed? Everything. I missed his first day of kindergarten. All the school plays. All his sports events. The day that he won state finals in track. His high school graduation. Where has the time gone? Here is Kevin today at 18 years old:

In the blink of an eye, my baby brother became an adult. Without a big sister. His memories growing up doesn't include me in them. The pictures in his photo album doesn't include mine. THIS MADE ME SO SAD REALIZING THIS. But I am still his sister and this will never change. What can change is the time that we can spend together. Create new memories and make more pictures.

My son, his nephew is almost four. The same age he was when I left home. The resemblance is amazing. The personality even more so. Deacon reminds me of his uncle at that age. So bittersweet.

Deacon 9/2/09

Deacon and little sister Peyton 9/2/09


  1. Oh my gosh! That is so sweet! I started to cry because I know how you feel. It's hard to miss out on important points of loved ones' lives. He has really grown up! And yes, I totally see the resemblance--especially in the eyes and the rainbow shaped eyebrows :) Too cute!

  2. Beautiful words sherryl and so heart felt.I'm sure your brother only thinks wonderful things of you and I hope you share many wonderful moments together in the future.

  3. You almost made me cry. Everyone is so dang cute too!!